Each engine consists of a variety of mechanical and electronic
Components, however, its heart are always the cylinder head and the crankcase.
Regardless of whether you need cylinder head machining, an engine revision or a new engine development; When it comes to engines, no one compares to RTM.
Our engine department has state-of-the-art machinery and clean workstations to realise your project.

RTM uses different materials of the highest quality in every manufacturing process.
All components are machined with high-precision.

We make no compromises when it comes to tolerance ranges.
We don't measure in tenths or hundredths, but in thousandths of a millimeter (μ: 0,001mm)
to get the most out of every engine.

This precision continues throughout the whole engine building process,
regardless of whether it is a conventional gasoline engine, a diesel engine or a special engine for tough racing use.

The craftsmanship of our employees is one of our greatest assets, because most of the engine construction is still manual work.
As soon as an engine is complete and ready to run, it undergoes an extensive function test before it is going into the chassis again.